Chesapeake Bay

14-19 October 2024

Experience Liveaboard Cruising Life Exploring the Chesapeake Bay

Experience catamaran sailing in the historic Chesapeake Bay with Captain Mark and Sharon on a modern cruising Catamaran while enjoying the beautiful scenery of this famous sailing area.

You will learn and cruise in the Chesapeake Bay on Calypso, a Leopard 48 sailing catamaran. Just a few examples of the wonderful activities you may experience: visit the world's best sailboat show in Annapolis, explore small bay towns such as Oxford and St Michaels, anchor in isolated coves, and savor Chesapeake crab dishes.

Together we will go shopping for provisions, choose the itinerary, set sail then swim, hike to the ruins or stroll on a secluded beach. Each couple will learn to handle the boat as a team working together to maneuver and anchor gaining confidence by actually running the boat.  Each couple will take turns giving you both the chance to kick back and just enjoy the ride.

We will show you how to interpret the local weather report data in order to decide where we will be sailing. By using the weather information overlaid with the local charts we can choose which way is going to be the best sailing and anchorage.

Though this is an educational charter there are no tests and no stress. You can earn NauticEd endorsements just for trying the experience! So enjoy a different type of learning-sailing vacation in a new port of call. Click the button to ask us about Try-A-Cat in the Chesapeake Bay!