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NauticEd has brought sailing theory, certification and charter approval into the 21st Century. With NauticEd you learn at your own pace online, at home, on the airplane, on a boat, or a free few seconds at the coffee shop. The highly enjoyable courses are in multimedia format with interactive animation, videos, colorful graphics and entertaining text.

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Calypso Sailing Life and NauticEd

By completing the NauticEd eLearning courses prior to joining us you will be fully prepared to take on our practical hands on training. You’ll spend your valuable time onboard understanding the practical aspects and finesse of sailing, putting the NauticEd online theory concepts into practice and empowering yourself and your crew for the voyages ahead. In essence, your practical learning will be of far greater value if you board with the sailing fundamentals intact. What's more, the NauticEd system is accepted by charter companies World Wide!

How does it do that? Your entire course and certification is securely held online in a NauticEd Log-book and updated in real time. No more hunting for your little ragged old paper log-book, adding stickers, filling out forms, copying and faxing. Just provide the charter company your NauticEd codes and voila, they have everything needed to approve your booking.

American National Standards

In 2017, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) developed the American National Standards (EDU-3) for sailing training and assessment in an effort to increase the competence of new sailors. To date, NauticEd is the only global sailing education body to be recognized as meeting these high standards by ensuring competence across the board with comprehensive theory knowledge, on-the-water skills assessment, and an appropriate amount of on-the-water experience prior to certification.

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International Sailing License & Credentials (SLC)

The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is recognized by worldwide port authorities and yacht charter companies as the North American equivalent to the United Nations ICC sailing license. Requirements include a practical assessment of competence by a NauticEd American National Standards sailing instructor.